Just after the much awaited result of DUSU’S election arrived the allegations against the elected DUSU president Ankiv baisoya by NSUI pertaining to his fake certificate of qualification. Following this, a week after the allegations were made, the TOI correspondent recieved a confirmation from Thiruvalluvar University in the third week of September where the university officially stated to the Tamil Nadu government that the DUSU president , Ankiv has never been a student in their university after which the correspondent had sent a series of queries to DU on October 3 , 9 and 17 , 2018 that university is yet to answer. Countering this, the head of department of Buddhist studies at DU is claiming even a month after allegations were made that it does not have the fax numbers of TU officials.

With a series of statements from both the sides, authorities at Thiruvalluvar University Vellore told on Wednesday that they had in so far not recieved any communication from DU regarding fake marksheet of DU students union President Ankiv Baisoya, contradicting DU’s claim regarding sending 2 letters and 3 reminders. HOD of Buddhist studies KTS Sarah when contacted told, “We have sent a second letter to Thiruvalluvar University on Tuesday by mail , waiting for their official response”. Almost 20 days after sending first letter, DU says it is yet to recieve any response from the University, this was however denied in an outright manner by Peruvalluthi, the TU registrar saying that “So far and even today I have checked my mails and we have not recieved any communication from DU and we don’t know why DU is claiming otherwise “.

Due to delay the NSUI which raised the issue of fake certificate moved to Delhi high court early this month , HOD Sarao earlier defended to it by saying that “Baisoya’s case has been shifted to fast track observing the senstiveness of the matter also it had sent a second letter to TU on October 16 , 2018 . On September 27 Sarao said DU was expecting TU’s response in a couple of days as the matter is imperitive and demands an action at the earliest . So our Buddhist studies 5 member committee has told DU that we have sent the marksheet and asked TU to confirm that whether or not the documents are authentic . Well all these arguments paved the way for a bigger statement from TU that they had sent a letter to state education principal secretary saying that ” Ankiv Baisoya has not enrolled in our university or any of our affiliated colleges and is not out student at all , the certificate he produced was fake and not from our University ” .

Giving a reason to all the delay , Sarao claimed that DU could only send letters by post because any fax numbers or phone numbers were not available on the website . The TU registrar however denied all these claims and said that they had all the information given on their website along with a helpline number through which anyone can contact them , well this was supported by TOI which found the fax and phone numbers and also an additional phone number on TU’s website .

These developments have given rise to an argument that whether the DU administration is buying time to burry the whole controversial matter of fake certificate of DUSU president Ankiv Baisoya

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