As students feel a bit relief after getting admission in Delhi University, they are surrounded by various other issues that one is impossible to think of at the time of taking admission.
There are a lot of comments that the off campus students have to hear from the north and south campus. Comments like β€œ hey, you are actually studying in off-campus, how do you stand the silence around.” 
Even if an off campus ranks 2nd position the north and south campus students are still going to comment- β€œ which college is this?” , β€œdidn’t you get any other college?” 
North and south campus students are always after the life of off-campus students with their never ending sarcastic jokes. 
When it comes to hanging out with friends off campus students often hear β€œ oh! Where do you go for having good food? Is there any place like Hudson lane and satya Niketan near you?”  
The sarcastic way of teasing the off campus students is the favorite occupation of north and south campus students. 
They never get enough off making the satirical statements on off campus students. But in the end lets not forget be it north, south campus or the off campus, all students belong to the Delhi University.
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Written by Divya

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