Ankiv Baisoya, a RSS affiliated AVBP was elected as DUSU president this year, and NSUI has alleged that Baisoya submitted fake documents to get admission to the master’s in Buddhist studies programme at DU.

The matter was raised by NSUI and Delhi University to process the admission requested Tamil Nadu’s university for verification of his graduation mark sheet. The NSUI submitted a complaint against Baisoya with the varsity’s grievance Redressal committee, which was later forwarded to the Buddhism department for an inquiry.

After a big delay a letter by DU was sent to Thiruvalluvar university for request of document verification. Monday TU confirmed the receipt of the letter by DU. It is being said that this is being done deliberately to delay the process to get the case out.
Later on TU in it’s next reply to the letter stated that, DU did not paid the standard verification fee of Rs. 500 which is compulsory to be paid for starting the verification process.

In it’s reply to Times Of India, controller of examination of TU, B Senthill kumar said, “we have received a letter from DU a few weeks back. But the university did not follow the proper procedure and did not give us the fee that was asked to check the genuineness of the certificates”.

This withholding of fee is done deliberately to further delay the process as it could be easily sent along with the request letter, and hopefully it will take a few more weeks for submission of the prescribed fee.

This further delay was questioned by many but no reply was made by the university officials. The questions raised by Times Of India are still lying unanswered despite many reminders to the university’s vice chancellor and the registrar.

Former DUSU vice president Kunal sehrawat alleged that “DU is finding all methods possible to delay the investigation in the case”. All the details are being published on the TU website regarding verification of the documents and required fee.

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