From the last few years , we have seen that there is constantly a growing gap in the number of admissions that take place in delhi university among the students from delhi and outside delhi . A big gap can be seen between the ratio of students from outside Delhi and from Delhi .One can see diversity in the classrooms of the college where students from different states come over .

In BA (Honours) Economics batch that was admitted to Hansraj college last year , diversity among the students in the class can be seen. Students took admission from Jharkhand , Telangana , Assam , Andhra Pradesh , Sikkim , Mizoram , Jammu and Kashmir , Tamil Nadu ,
Maharashtra. Students from different States represented the one classroom. In fact there were more students admitted to different courses from outside Delhi than the students from Delhi.

With the increasing competition to get a seat in DU everyone is running in the race to bag their seat , with the different qoutas coming up and the Delhi Government talking about the 85% reservation for Delhi students and rising cut offs and changes in the critirea , it’s getting tough for the students every year to grab their seat in DU.