Physical assault is a term which often has quite a few misconceptions around it. It doesn’t necessarily mean rape in a dark alley by a stranger – it’s the groping in a night out, lewd comments or straight out physical violence. It’s no news that reports of physical assault and violence have escalated twice fold in the past years. Such an incident took place in North campus’s Vijay Nagar area on 18 August, Saturday. Allegedly, the Delhi University president of the All India Students Association (AISA) Kawalpreet Kaur and three of her friends – Ankit, Jatin and Rishabh – were beaten black and blue by a pack of 7-8 goons; among which one of them possessed a gun. According to the FIR lodged by Ankit, crime occurred at 12:15 am.

“They made obnoxious comments at Kawalpreet. They abused us. When we objected, they attacked us,” Pandey said in the police complaint.
When one of her friends tried to stop the goons, they were attacked by the goons. Soon, more of them joined them, heavily drunk and armed. Her friends were brutalized with glass and beer bottles, incurring some serious internal injuries and fractures coupled with bruises on head and face.

Kawalpreet, in one of her facebook post, voiced her opinion. She talked about the delayed response on the part of police and that no further actions have been taken. Instead, they pointed fingers at her for being out so late at night.

As admonished by Kawalpreet to resort to protest on Sunday, 19 August, if Delhi Police fails to arrest the named goons, she along with some students took out a march from Vijay Nagar to Model Town Police Station.
Four out of five were arrested, namely – Ayush, Rahul, Shubham and Monu. Only one person, Pawan, who allegedly possessed a pistol, is yet to be arrested.

Safety in the North Campus and its adjoining areas have been put under the spotlight after this incident

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