After Baisoya, Delhi University Buddhist department’s lens on NSUI secretary

After taking action against Ankit baisoya and cancelling his admission as the DUSU president the Buddhist department will formulate a departmental research committee to take action against Akshay kumar NSUI secretary who is a PhD student The HOD has said that kumar had also used fake mark sheets to get admission to the master’s course in the university.

Kumar’s case was highlighted in October this year by the Buddhist department head KTS SARAO who informed that like Baisoya’s case kumar also allegedly used fake documents. His alleged forgery was found in January this year. After baisoya the department head said that he would now recommend the cancellation of Kumar’s admission in the meeting of the DRC, which will be called soon.

As kits a PhD admission it will be cancelled by the BRS after they receive the recommendation of the DRC. So the process takes time said SARAO. A senior member of the department however said that the meeting of DRC have been stalled for months and it is unlikely to happen and highly unlikely that any action will be taken.NSUI said that this is an attempt to divert attention from the baisoya fiasco.

“Kumar is currently not in DUSU but the department has been proactive in this case. Only if they depicted interest in Baisoya’s case, we would have had a different scenario today” said Saimon Farooqui, NSUI national in charge of media and communication.

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