Academics Vs Extra curriculars-a guide to maintaining the right balance

College life is the best time to explore your inner potentials and hone your existing skills. The various cultural societies and other activities in college provide you with the best resources.
The only dilemma is to find the perfect balance between not losing out on your academics as you attend those long practises.

Well, here’s a friendly guide to lead you the right way.

1. Be aware of your interests: Before you enter college, take some time to figure out where your interests lie and which areas apart from academics you would want to focus on. This level of preparedness will help you mentally focused as you start giving auditions to various cultural societies and becoming a part of them.

2.Know your course: Being mindful of the subjects you are meant to study each semester will at the least save you from being clueless if you ever were to miss a couple of classes due to society meetings and practises. So keep your class rep’s number on speed dial and a copy of your syllabus handy before the next time you enter class.

3. ‎Seniors to the rescue: Be it within your cultural society or your department, your seniors will be your best bet for everything. From getting the attendance sheet signed from the authorities to getting all the life saving notes to ace your exams, your seniors will be your Guardian angels at all times.

4.Priortise: This often overlooked life skill can help you a long way ahead. From submitting assignments and practical files on time to not missing the all important lectures during the hectic fest season, be sure to prioritise your day to day schedule.

5.Be proactive: Asking your professors for extra help with the course missed during practices or making sure to participate in all the competitions during fest season, try to do everything in your power to achieve what you aim in life.

6.Widen your comfort zone: Take up challenging activities which you have never attempted before. It will always be a win-win situation. How so? Either it will help you discover talents you never knew about yourself or signal you about what not to try later in life.

The time in college is a learning curve at life. You can either embrace it or shy away from it.

The choice is yours!

Written by Sharlin

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