AAD demand to cancel Delhi university OBE

Exams delayed offers revoke

AAD has been opposing the arbitrary and authoritarian approach of DU Administration in conducting the online OBE and strongly condemns its insensitivity to the problems faced by the students in the whole process. It is quite unfortunate that the Court is addressing the problems faced by students to which the university administration turned deaf ears. The decision of the administration to postpone the online examination is not a solution and will further complicate the problem.

We demand to cancel the online OBE on the basis of statutory violations, academic absurdity and logistical challenges.

AAD also opposes MHRD’s arbitrary pruning of the syllabuses of ninth to twelfth class on the basis of political consideration ignoring academic concerns. In the name of COVID, the same line has been imposed on the schools in which the basic right of teachers to frame the syllabuses were taken away under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).There is a serious attempt to relegate social movement- and social justice-oriented topics like Secularism, Gender, Citizenship, Democratic Rights, Forests, etc. In a calculative manner, such topics in different subjects have been dropped, which form founding values of our democracy and polity. The contempt of the present dispensation to the Nehru era has led to removal of the Planning Commission and Five year Plans, but the development story of India can not be complete without discussing them.

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This is a sequel of CBCS for school education. We protest against CBCSisation of school syllabuses in the name of COVID.

Press Secretary – Richa Raj/SBN Tiwary/Ashok/Rajesh Jha

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