A friendly guide to acing college life: Second year Edition

First day at college

For all those college students out there whose fresher days are way behind and also are far away from graduating, here is a friendly guide to help you ace the second year of college life in style.

1. Create a routine: Now that you are more settled about the daily shenanigans of your college routine, its time for you to make one of your own. Prioritize your academic, social and cultural life down to the T so that you can enjoy life to its very best.

2. ‎Develop your extracurricular skills: If first year did not give you the chance to pursue your non academic passion, the second year of your college life comes as a saviour chance. So get out there, give those cultural society auditions again, because you might never get a chance come graduation, also it is an added plus to your CV.

3. ‎Utilise your mini breaks: Universities like DU come with a plethora of mini breaks, so if you wasted your first year procrastinating over academics or binge watching TV series, now is the time to update your CV and do couple short term internships. Many media portals like DU Assassins provides internship opportunities in a number of fields, be sure to check them out.

4. ‎Stay updated: Apart from your recommended academic reading list, now is the time for you to start reading up on latest updates in your career fields. Why so? This is because everyone in your college will graduate, but not everyone will get a job in the most sought after Institutions. The main factor recruiters look for is what makes you different from the rest and staying updated is being one step closer to your dream career.

5. ‎Just chill: If first year came as a cultural shock, second year will be an expected nightmare. But at the end of the day, just the way first year went away, second year will too, before you even realise .

So, just chill and take one step at a time.

All the very best!

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