Not more than 15 days left for the spooky semester exams to begin . Procrastination , binge watching our favorite is what most of us have been doing since time immemorial.  There’s no need to be frightened even if you’ve done nothing. We’ve got you covered.

Here are some tips that  will surely help in “the last time preparation for history exams”

1) You won’t obviously have time to read all the texts and it won’t be practical to do so. You should rather go through the text and highlight main points so you understand what all is there that can be asked . Mind map and tables work well for a visual answer.

2) Make groups with your friends and give them all a set of questions to solve . This becomes extremely helpful for the last minute preparation and it will be less time consuming too .

3) To make your answer stand out from others , you should include views and opinions of various scholars into the answer as it also makes your answer non biased and improves its quality . Debates are considered the most important in history discipline so you should underline all the important scholars and present the debates systematically.

4)It is crucial to go through the textbook thoroughly so that your factually clear and well versed in chronology. You should refer to the textbook for the basic framework for the answers .

5) Go through previous year’s question papers , note down the questions that get repeated every year . Work on the topics that you have prepared well , and you can pass your exams just like that .

6) Reading the text really matters in a subject like history and it can’t be compromised on . Digital guides are the most unreliable source when it comes to preparing for history .

7) Try to contact your professors and seniors for the last minute motivation . They obviously want their students result to be good.

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