Watching friends for the 10th time at the 12th hour of night, midnight binges , sleepless nights of absolute fun and useless conversations at 4 a.m.,strangers who turn into family and much more. Yes! This is what truly defines life in a PG accommodation. Every year lakhs of students step out of their hometown shells into dreamy metropolitan cities with a baggage of expectations of not just career but perhaps also the expectation to find a place like home and people like family.

1.Another home away from home

Paying guest accommodation act as an absolute bliss to such out stationers looking for not just a place to live but to find people with similar equation who then turn into family. From midnight birthday celebrations to gossips the best perks of pgs includes the pavement of friendships between roomies and pg mates which later beautifully convert into 2 am emergency helplines thatswhy they say, ‘keep your friends close , keep your pg mates closer!’ because eventually they are the ones who are always at your doorstep to make your feel comfortable and happy.

2. Decision Maker

The whole concept of pgs as such clicks the idea of an ‘independent life’ altogether . Teens after 12th trying to create their paths towards an independent life are always excited about the ideas of living in a PG. Here, you are free to take certain decisions which you never face while living with your family.

3. No Deadlines

There’s a deadline concept in college hostels which is quite disturbing at times so herin PG’s have this additional perk of lose time deadlines which help students to have fun, hangout till late evening or even go for part time job or internships .

4. Budget Masters

Apart from all this something extremely essential becomes self reliance and responsibility, which comes in picture when one has to act a master of all laundry, daily expenses, additional food, transportation etc, in a nutshell pg children become more often than not ‘budget masters’ because eventually they inculcate a habit of spending as per the amount they receive or earn .

5. Food is life

Primary reason to select pg over hostel is of course , food . Well yes, some hostels do have good food but most of the pgs today have a whole menu of 4 meals obviously nothing is better than ‘ghar ka khana’ but the food provided in pgs is quite good and much similar to home cooked food and due to lesser amount of people than hostels the food menu and quality is negotiable.

6. Time is Money

Also pg accommodation saves time and money both, well imagine the plight of du north campus students travelling daily from places like sonipat or gurugram for that matter , apart from the time consumption one cannot ignore the whole tiresome process of traveling through metros and rickshaws whereas students living in pgs near the college can just walk their way to the college or take an e-rickshaw which is saves their time and money both .

So we can obviously understand why people more often than not girls for that matter decorate their pg rooms which lights and pictures because that is what it is, it turns into a second home altogether and that’s why PG’s are undeniably a beautiful asset to students leaving their hometown to create their future at a new place .

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