5 internships that you shouldn’t miss during college!


Being in college is like being on a never ending road filled; with obstacles of restlessness, hurdles of frenzies and monotony of your routine. You work hard to score a pretty decent grade point, yet the companies show a contempt on your lack of experiences you default yourself to another humdrum of your regular summer internships. So what makes you stand out?

“The learning outside the library halls is the real classroom”.        

There are several work from home internships or part time jobs which you can do along with your hectic routine. Dont be afraid to work outside the doors of class room and work hard, not to gain not a learning but a training experience.

And well if there was a word which could describe the life of a college student, it would be- broke.So well stipends are an add on advantage to fill your pockets. Here is a list of 5 internships you can do along with your college-

1) Social Media Marketing

Are you that go-to-guy with freakishly long list of Facebook friends and ceaseless list of phone contacts? Then you are the man for the job. The companies demand your service because who better to hire than the person who knows the youth platform better than they do. Media Marketing sites includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc, that are essential for every business to market their cause. So isn’t it the job we dreamt of? Facebook and chill?

2) Content writing

Are you one of those person who loves to play permutations on those 26 letters ?To give words to your ideas, power to your thoughts and challenge to the stereotype notions is you forte. If you are one of those people who have a knack for writing ,then this position commands your work. Remember what John Keatings said

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

3) Volunteering for NGO

When you work from a position of entitlement, it’s not a favor to the society, it’s an onus for the favor society entitled you with.

Working with NGOs doesn’t provide you with money you have been looking for. Yet this magnanimous job is worth a million dollars. When you meet people craving for the life you have been cribbing whole your life,it fills your heart with guilt of being  thankless and  sense of satisfaction for your largesse act.

4) Photography and editing 

When camera is your first love and photography your desire, then confess your love to the job which will reciprocate it. Convert your passion to your work, your art to your career and your yearning to your earning.

5) Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassador is the new buzz to promote and develop a student loyalty. If you are a people’s person who loves a little chit chat with every guy or girl in your college, you are a perfect fit for the job. Your  job will include promoting the brand on campus events via college fest and events with support from the management team. Gather and present a feedback and create an excitement for the cause you support.

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