Many species as well as things have being endangered and lost in the world of changing environment. In today’s data around 40% of land is already degraded, with the usage of plastics and unnecessary wastes, not doing proper grouping of garbage when thrown in dumping yard. These practices that humans are doing are so and so on harming the nature, which have put the lives of future generations in danger but here are some possible technologies or inventions, that might change and save the world:

1) Kenya bricks – Nzambi Matee is a founder who is based in Nairobi, created light weight bricks which are recycled from plastic mixed with sand to form her product as sustainable as possible. She is a 31 year old engineer and was even awarded as “Young Champion of the Earth 2020 Africa” by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Her company produces over 500-1000 bricks every single day, which according to her statistics is almost 500 kgs of plastic waste being recycled for a better use. Her bricks also even come in coloured ones which doesn’t only make it environmental friendly but also gives a designer and high quality look.

2) Phool – It is a Kanpur based company which creates incense sticks from temple’s floral waste or from anywhere they can find floral wastage from. They cleanse the wastages in their machines and then roll them with hand and turn them into beautiful aromatic incense sticks. They collect around 8.4 tons of dry flowers, flowers drown in water and segment them in different batches and process them to create the smell of devotion and peace in our homes.

3) Saathi – Saathi is a health and hygiene company which creates biodegradable sanitary pads from different plant fibres, like banana, bamboos. It degrades in 6 months which is 12x faster than usual pads. Saathi is totally made from natural products without the use of any chemicals which makes them rash free. Saathi even makes menstrual cups which are silicon cups that are reusable after one use for 2-5 years, which is also far more environment friendly than regularly using pads and tampons. Saathi is the period buddy ladies can choose to have a better and stress free periods and also even save the environment.

4) Fuwa Biotech – A Vietnam based company, turns pineapple scarps into soaps, hand washes, detergent products and many more. Fermentation of fruits creates enzymes which are good for killing bacteria and germs, for which pineapple is a good source as it has a huge amount of enzyme already present in it. Even the name Fuwa comes from “Fruit Warrior”, which is believed by the founder that fruit cleaners will be creating a new market in cleaners, which is also very environment friendly.

5) Vegetable biogas – A Hyderabad based daily market, makes biogas from vegetables which gets rotten or are too costly for the farmer to take back when not sold. These vegetables are cut into small portions and put in machines to compress, which has the ability to compress the amount of food 150 people eat in a year, just in one time. These machines then takes out pulp from the scratch from the vegetables which are later transformed to underground tanks into digesters, that creates compressed energy in a cylindrical structure which is further are used as biogas energy.


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