Bolstering the fight against the gender gap in the society, Delhi University allows its colleges to offer 1% concession to women candidates in certain subjects. This year, seventeen colleges have utilised the provision so far, with Dyal Singh College providing the relaxation in 22 courses and Shivaji College in 19.

Explaining the rationale behind the decision, I S Bakshi, the principal of Dyal Singh College, said, “The idea is to support girl students and help those from the marginalised section to come forward and apply in different courses.” Bakshi pointed out that the college was yet to have an equal number of boys and girls as its students. “We have been giving the concession to ensure that at least 50% of our students are girls,” he added.

The principal explained that when colleges often offer concessions only in the courses not popular among girls. “But in our college, we give concessions in several subjects so that more and more girl students can join.” Once at least 50% of its students are girls, the college will re-evaluate its decision, said Bakshi. 

Shashi Nijhawan, principal of Shivaji College, said the institute had been offering the 1% concession in all 19 courses. “Prior to 2010, we used to give 3% concession in several of our courses. But after the change in the university guidelines, we offer 1% concession.” Nijhawan added that the concession “helps girls coming from the rural areas and the underprivileged section of the society. It improves the atmosphere of the society.” 

According to Sukanto Dutta, the officer on special duty (admissions) at Delhi University, “such a step is necessary to promote education among girls.
 It promotes education at DU and allows more and more students to come in.” While last year 28 colleges had given the 1% concession to girl candidates, this year the count now stands at 17. Dutta said DU was likely to get more colleges come out with the concession in the next few weeks. Another university official, however, pointed out that many colleges might already have 50% girl students

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