15 DU Colleges to raise voice against Online Exam’s Tomorrow

sri aurobindo college

Corona virus Pandemic have effected not only worker’s or businesses but student’s too. This global crisis have completely change the educational system. Now every college and school is dependent on Online Classes.

University of Delhi recently announced date for Final Year Online Exam’s which will commence from 10th August till 31st August for which Date sheet have already been published on the official website.

There are a lot of Student bodies, Students and Teacher Association who are against the method of Online Exam’s from beginning when DU decides to adopt online method. Many people have protested, filled petitions, took legal action but nothing happened. The HIgh Court case against University of Delhi is still going on for which the next date of Hearing is 20th July and 22th July, 2020.

Protest Against DU Online Exam’s

Student’s are protesting in hope that they will succeed in their demands. Tomorrow 15 Delhi University Colleges will protest against Online Exam’s through a facebook live session – Link .

Why Student’s are Protesting?

Student’s from all over the Nation come to study in University of delhi and no one can assume that the financial condition of every student is same. In DU, a son of a poor worker is also studying and a son of rich business man is also studying in same college. The Financial position of both of them are far different. At this stage, no one can comment that everyone can afford a laptop or a smartphone.

Many student’s don’t even have a proper internet connection which is also a main concern. Without proper infrastructure how student’s can wrote a 3 hour exam. Not only this but DU also have student’s from rural areas where electricity is a big concern for them and the people there cannot even think of a WIFI.

Student’s from Kashmir where 4G is restricted and a 3 hour paper cannot be completed on a 2G network.

Student’s Demand

UGC released revised guidelines on the request of HRD Minister on 6th July, 2020 which states that final year exam’s should be compulsory for all student’s. Without final year exam’s no one will get degree’s. Student’s all across the nation demanded to scrap exam’s because of increase in COVID-19 cases in our country.

Today, India is the 3rd worst effected country across the globe. Many student’s have given a logical solution to this problem. Now this problem became a political issue when Rahul Gandhi posted a video standing against Final year Exam’s.

The only solution to this problem is to make the final year exam’s optional and evaluate all student’s on the basis of previous semester performance or taking an average of previous 5 semester’s.

protest against ugc

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