10 Coolest Things Every Delhi University Student Can relate to

delhi university

It is always a feeling of pride when you get into a university which is often credited as one of the most prestigious in India – Delhi University (DU). The university evidently has no caste, creed, race, or religion. It is in whole a mini India where students come from every corner of the country – from Kanyakumari to Jammu, Porbandar to Silchar.


Although, there have been many monopolistic controversies surrounding it, unavoidably on its one year old 4YUP (4 year UG programme) being certainly a pain in the a#s, it never failed to stop the young minds from dreaming to get into it. Students still show some terrible signs of trauma from snobby lessons in the first year and definitely seem to have gallons of free time for fun in the campus. But no kidding. This is how India’s future leaders, politicians, and lawyers enjoy their college lives.


1. You really cannot hold your excitement when you first walk into the campus of Delhi University. You are a Man of Pride.



2. Time also comes to start acting very cool. Forget the books. You are a ‘One Man Army’ on girls-impression.


3. Yet, sometimes coolness desperation can be an accident. A pie shame!



4. Hunt for a friend indeed. But, you always overdo it to win them.




5. You always try your luck on The Confessions pages. Your only hopeful reason for Facebooking.



6. Everyone is broke. And you will be like this when a broke-friend proposes you over canteen…



7. A pen or even a pencil? You are almost certain for this reaction from the whole goddam class.



8. That very weird time when the randomize election candidate comes up and keeps praising you unto heaven.



9. You finally realize Chatur is not gonna leave you even in college. Ohh..!! How you hate him.



10. Rehearsal time is real hard sorting out some moves. Because the much awaited fest is coming.

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