“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Life without music is just like a life without emotion as nobody know when we are happy or sad. Here are some of the Top music societies.

As Nobody is left from the enchantment of music as some or the other way we all are associated with the music as you can see that kids always love to listen and sing the songs of animated series which they watch , teen or youth who love to follow the trending trends also want music to express their style segment and you can’t forget that a working or non working adult who need music to find peace , calm their mind and also help in depression. Hence it is clear that music is thirst of your emotion which is needed to complete your personality.

Now-a-days many Producers want new youth to come forward and give their contribution in the field of music. Therefore many Universities started their music society to nurture the new talent and showcase their talent in front of world.
DU also have some of the marvelous music societies .

Some of them are exceptional as they have created there own benchmarks . You will be shock , when you will wittiness the performance of these societies as DU have not confined to one type of music but it always experiment with the fusions and saga’s of different cultures.

So , It is difficult to make the list of top 5 music societies as all of them are equally worthy , but I have sorted them on the bases on their achievement , composition and beautiful way of representation and come up with the following list.

1) The western music society of Lady Shri Ram College for Women called (WMS)

Lady sri ram college

As the name suggest , WMS have excelled the field of western music .
Their pieces are known to be classical with a touch of peppy which make the lover of music crazy for them. WMS is fourth consecutive time winning the title of the Top Society for the Western Music category .
Some of the position which is secured by WMS are
First Position: Mecca, Montage, Ullas
Second Position: Tempest
Third Position: Nexus

2) Geetanjali (The Indian choir of Miranda House)

miranda houseOne of the reason , why Geentajali is in the list is because of the society’s ideals which make anyone move which is as follow. A soft nature of a person doesn’t mean weakness. Remember, nothing is softer than water, but its force can break the strongest of rocks. Responsibility automatically comes with Authority.

So the terms which brought our society to success were patience and hard work. Moreover, a society is not functioned by an individual alone. It is the collective effort of all the members which count at last.”

Some of the position which Geetanjali secured are as follows :

I) FirstPosition: Confluence 2015 (Hans Raj College), Manjari 2015 (Daulat Ram College) and Montage 2015 (Jesus and Mary College)
II) Second Position: Surmanjari 2015 (Kirori Mal College) and Shruti 2015 (IPCW)

3) Swaranjali (Music society Hansraj College)

hansraj college

If you have ever heard the songs of Swaranjali then you know that how great the songs are !! The melody of the songs will make a way to your heart and you will enchanted by their composition. Not only that Swaranjali was also awarded the ‘Best Music Society’ Award at Mood Indigo, IIT Mumbai (Asia’s largest festival of its kind) for the 2nd time in a row in the year 2014, as well as bagged the ‘Best Outstation College’ Award.

4) Alaap (Indian Music Society of IPCW College)


Alaap a music society composed of maidens with there beautiful voices gifted by gods of heaven. Alaap is excelled in classical music . Alaap believes in perseverance, experimentation, team work and undertakes rigorous skill building
of its members. They have performed in many cultural events and also steals the hearts by their performance.



Last and not the least Raaga. Firstly Raaga name is make this rock band it different from other. For the readers the English mean of Raaga is a confusing and difficult problem or question.

Now ,you also find it interesting like me. ‘ RAAGA ’ also have their original compositions like Temporal Drifts, Pretend and Bliss emerged victorious at fests like Crossroads and Confluence. There composition are so professionally organized make everyone confuse that they really are students , as there talent is beyond there age.

[Note :- If readers have different opinion regarding this top 5 list so comment down below and let us know.]

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