College societies make our college life enjoyable and more interesting. Colleges under Delhi University have lots of societies like Commerce society, economics society, dramatics society, music society, etc.

Every society conduct auditions and interviews to select there team. Here we present you a list of Top 5 Marketing societies of Delhi University.

Note – The ranking of marketing societies is done by Team DU Assassins.


Ever wondered how learning could be fun? The Marketing Society, SRCC does exactly that for you. They bestow upon you the most essential components of marketing along with your overall development and every session you’ll attend will be worth it.

From teaching you what the corporate world is like to helping you learn about the current affairs in the easiest way possible, we do it all! Be there at the orientation of The Marketing Society and it’s a bet you’ll begin new-fangled!


Marketing society is one the most important society of any college which help other societies and help them in assisting about the marketing strategies.

MARKUS mission is to Expanding the Mental Horizon of students in the context of the world of Marketing,  Building a bridge between the Corporate Sector and a student’s life, Supporting the interests of students who aspire to make their career in this field, Creating resources and events that foster students’ interest in marketing.MERCADO –

3. THE MARKETING SOCIETY OF DCACMarketing society dcac

Mercado, being the most elite society over DU network in the Marketing Domain, has achieved laurels whilst working with a passionate team.

The Society was established in December 2014 and since then, the growth of its members and of society as a whole, has been tremendous.

Counting from as back as 2016-17 tenure, We have organized Marketing Competitions which sought participation from colleges from all over India. The event was named as ‘Markage’ which was sponsored by ‘Hero Moto Corp.’ and ‘Swiggy’.

At the time of Demonetization, we took a stand and helped vendors and small workers who were out of work, to sell Paintings and Printed Media at Zero cost.

4. MARKOS – THE MARKETING SOCIETY OF MACmaharaja agrasen college

‘Markos’, meaning hammer in Latin, is a hallmark of the robust attitude that the society has. It also describes the omnipotence of marketing in every field in today’s scenario

The logo of Markos depicts “networking” through its stylized ‘M’. The term itself delineates zeal and enthusiasm to attain knowledge. Not only its name but the logo also delineates the members hunger and keen interest best to gain knowledge too. The icon of the society depicts its multi-faceted atmosphere.

The society believe in discussing and sharing ideas for which it organises regular sessions themed on plethora of marketing topics.


aryabhatta college

There aim is at enhancing understanding in the field of marketing so as to keep the students abreast with the ever changing business environment and to equip them with the most updated information and skills.

The key objective is to encourage bolder marketing leadership, to provide students with the much-needed exposure and empower them with the experience and skills which give them an edge over others by engaging in case workshops, idea exchanges, market research, content creation, conducting annual fest , annual internship fairs, annual educational fests, spreading awareness of digital marketing, conducting interactive seminars, competitions and collaborating with the student union and other societies for collective endeavors and everything else that is in the scope of the marketing domain.

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