Top 5 Dance Societies of Delhi University 2019-20

College societies make our college life enjoyable and more interesting. Colleges under Delhi University have lots of societies like Commerce society, economics society, dramatics society, music society, etc. Every society conduct auditions and interviews to select their team.

Dance is more than the exploring of different ways to make a shape or learning a series of steps to music; it is a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication. Through dance, students learn teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills. Dance awakens new perceptions in children which help them learn and think in new ways.

DU also have a handful of Dancing Societies. Some of them are shining diamond which enlighten their college with at most shine. The list of the societies that overcome their problem with a unique creative style are given below

Top 5 Dancing Societies are as follows

[Note: – The societies ranking are based on a voting conducted by our team, regular update and review of the students and other factors.]

1. Maharaja Agarsen College

Nataraj – The Dance Society of MAC is the strong pillar of the performing arts wing of the institution. Versatility is its hallmark. Nataraj not only stands strong as a tough competitor to other teams equally competent but stands even stronger as a family.

Total Votes : 1356

2. SGND Khalsa College

Magus is the choreography club of the college. Students with strong passion for dancing are the fore-runners and as the name suggests, our dancer’s deliver magic on stage. Magus has the distinction of designing its own costumes every year for which they have earned rave reviews from colleges across the universities. The panache and exuberance exhibited through the vitality of our Magusians is a sight to behold. They have earned laurels for the college on several occasions.

Total votes : 1214

3. Kirori mal College

Sensation’ as the word means, promises you a widespread reaction of interest and excitement. Along with technicalities, it strongly believe in passion and that is what helps us give you some of the most passionate dancers, who can easily make you tap your feet while you watch them. As they say ‘dancing is like dreaming on your feet’, our society gives each member complete freedom to dream, yet we all share the same dream of thriving for excellence and taking our society to greater heights
There are two segments of the society: a)WESTERN b)CHOREOGRAPHY.

Total votes : 1119

4. Gargi College

The Facebook Timeline of this society reads “You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscript to store away, no painting to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that fleeting moment when you feel alive.” True Story. We are Enliven, a society defined by its passion, its insanity.

Total votes : 1099

5. Sri Ram College of Commerce

Panache is the Western Dance Society of Shri Ram College of commerce, its moto is to Dance to change. The dance is based on a theme. For them dance is emotion and expression.

Total votes : 1029

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