College societies make our college life enjoyable and more interesting. Colleges under Delhi University have lots of societies like Commerce society, economics society, dramatics society, music society, etc. Every society conduct auditions and interviews to select their team.


Entrepreneurship Cell (E-cells) is set up to foster entrepreneurship among the students. It is like a club, run by students and driven by the management of the institutes.


Students learn important & useful trait about entrepreneurship. Even though students do not take up entrepreneurship as a full-time profession, the skill sets learned as E-Cell members would be extremely helpful to them in any job.


DU also have a handful of E-cells. Some of them are shining diamond which enlighten their college with at most shine. The list of the societies that overcome their problem with a unique creative style are given below.

Top 10 Entrepreneurship Cells of Delhi University

[Note: – The societies ranking are based on voting conducted by DU Assassins from Dec, 19 – Feb, 20, regular update and review of the students and other factors.]


1. Hindu College

The E-club is dedicated to advancing people’s understanding about entrepreneurship and diversifying their skill set by providing a deeply fulfilling and collaborative environment. The Entrepreneurship Cell of Hindu College is a platform to impart skills and foster innovation to the youth through Entrepreneurship. Rajat Malik is the President for the Academic year 2019-20. Society aims to conduct sessions on startups and entrepreneurs to train their Students for better future.

Total votes : 6798


2. Hansraj College

This is an endeavour to initiate and develop the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, the leaders of tomorrow. The E-cell Hansraj College also organizes workshops, panel discussions, and training sessions on entrepreneurship and start-ups from time to time. In a nutshell, we prepare the youth for the transition from classrooms to workplace.

All that we look for is the Enthusiasm to make your existence of worth in the society, the sparkle in your eyes and the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.

Total votes 6702


3. Ramjas College

The E-cell of Ramjas college says that The topic of upcoming entrepreneurs and start-ups in India seems to be a topic lose to Narendra Modi’s heart as he repeated ‘Start up India, Stand up India’ at least three times with increasing fervour on his Independence Day Speech. This proved to be a motivating force for us. And this leads to our passion to build a platform known as Start-up & Stand-up in our own, ‘Ramjas College’ as the stepping stone. Because we believe in the fact that “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”


Being the youth power of India, we will promote Start-ups and Entrepreneurship on this platform. And this goal will be achieved by us because we the people are ready to work hard and smart, with perseverance, dedication and passion. To make the view of Business world better, we will be organising a series of seminars, B-plan Competition, events and many more in the coming year.

Total votes : 6643


4. Lady Sri Ram College

Entrepreneurship Cell LSR is an initiative to provide financial and entrepreneurial knowledge to the students of Lady Shri Ram College with the goal of generating interest and awareness within the wide array of finance, investment & entrepreneurship. The Cell, along with widening the financial knowledge, also intends to infuse various fundamental activities considered indispensable in the corporate world environment and assist the members to take forward their business ideas. The cell will be completely student driven with the aim of broadening the knowledge of financial literacy, which encompasses more than just the basic financial decisions.

Total votes : 6519


5. Miranda House

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Miranda House believes in creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of the college. It wants not only to ignite the minds but also to nurture their ideas.
It is committed to build a strong platform for the budding entrepreneurs.

Total votes : 6489


6. Delhi College of Arts & Commerce

Vyapaar – The Entrepreneurship Cell of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is a collective initiative of the 2nd year Economics and Commerce students aimed towards developing a corporate charged learning environment . Vyapaar- E Cell , DCAC aim to nurture your soft skills and expose you to the corporate world by providing you live projects with companies.

Total votes : 6443



UDYAMITA-The Entrepreneurship Cell of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College is a platform for the youth to inculcate the entrepreneurial skills,hone leadership qualities & develop business acumen to initiate & transform ideas into viable business ventures.

The Cell acts as the principal source to provide necessary impetus and intellectual basis for creating informative environment & support mechanism for the aspiring entrepreneurs to get an insight of startup ecosystem.

Total votes : 6211



The official entrepreneurship society/e-cell of DSC. It aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of students. Vision of this E-cell is to establish ourselves as a complete Incubation Centre providing support across all facets of entrepreneurship and throughout all stages of entrepreneurial ventures. They want to bring the brightest ideas from around the world to the forefront by organizing timely Entrepreneurship Challenges assuring exposure to budding entrepreneurs.

Total votes : 6109


9. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

The E-Cell of SGGSCC is devoted to spread business and enterprising skills among students. It is one of the selected active e-cell of Delhi University.


The era of globalization today has witnessed the emergence of a new breed of people ready to start their own enterprise. To nurture these entrepreneurs of tomorrow,an Entrepreneurship Cell or E-Cell has been started in Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce in association with Nurture Talent Academy and NEN(National Entrepreneurship Network) with this mission in mind:-

A)To encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.
B)To educate them about entrepreneurship and benefit of taking it as a career.

Total votes : 5908



Meraki- the E- cell of Maitreyi College is a place which provides the blooming ideas of the students a platform to convert them into market products. We aim at inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among the budding entrepreneurs and guide them to take it as a career path. We try to provide assistance to the aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources, mentors and all kinds of support to hone their skills.

Total votes : 5710