Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. E-CELLS help these entrepreneurs to grow there skills and mind according to there move towards the industry. Here are some Top E-cells under the Delhi University.

{Note – The list of Top 10 E-CELLS is ranked by our Team. If readers have different opinion regarding this top 5 list so comment down below and let us know}

1. Hindu College

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Hindu College is a platform to impart skills and foster innovation to the youth through Entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship Cell of Hindu College seeks to foster Entrepreneurial spirit and impart skills to the youth to convert their vision into reality.

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2. Hansraj College

The E-Cell of Hansraj College devoted to spread business and enterprising skills among students. One of the select few active ecell’s of Delhi University.
The e-cell organizes a variety of activities centered on entrepreneurship:- Interactions with successful alumni Entrepreneurs, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Business Plan Competition, Entrepreneurship Games

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3. Shaheed Sukhdev college of Business Studies

YUVA – The Entrepreneurship Cell of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies aims at actively promoting entrepreneurship amongst budding entrepreneurs. It seeks to provide a platform to the students to convert their ideas into a reality. YUVA – The E-Cell aims at actively promoting entrepreneurship amongst budding entrepreneurs, in an attempt to manifest their covert entrepreneurial spirit by exposing them to the joys and obscurity of entrepreneurship. It seeks to provide a platform to the students to convert their ideas into a reality. The Cell aims at not only showing you the doors of opportunity, but also equipping you to walk through it. So if you think you’ve got the spark, we’ll make sure you get noticed.

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4. Miranda House

E-Cell Miranda House envisions a collaboration of motivated individuals and together with their zeal to learn and concerted efforts  strives to carve out budding entrepreneurs to survive the cut-throat competition in today’s competitive world. Through a challenging and a strong work ethic, we give a suitable platform to the future entrepreneurs to venture their own enterprises.

With an active team and various events, guest lectures throughout the year, it also hosts its annual business summit, Croesus each year, where young entrepreneur participate and unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. The members actively participate in various competitions and bring laurels to the society under the appropriate guidance of its members.

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5. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College

Udyamita acts as a catalytic agent in spreading awareness & exploring the unexplored zones of entrepreneurship to support the concept of Start Up India. UDYAMITA aims at acting as an ideal platform to transform this theoretical knowledge and passion in the youngsters into practical reality which ultimately acts as a catalytic agent in spreading awareness and exploring the unexplored zone of entrepreneurship in the society at large.

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6. Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

Vyapaar – The Entrepreneurship Cell of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is a collective initiative of the 2nd year Economics and Commerce students aimed towards developing a corporate charged learning environment . Vyapaar- E Cell , DCAC aim to nurture your soft skills and expose you to the corporate world by providing you live projects with companies.

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7. Ramjas College

The most active cell of Ramjas college – The startup edge was founded in the year 2015. The mission of the cell is to Initiate Startups, provide platform for ideas. Find the entrepreneur/startup guy in you. There moto is to
“Transforming Passion into Profession”.

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8. Sri venkateshwara College

There job is to give direction to innovative thoughts of the students who have the ability and will to think differently, develop Leadership quality and take their ideas to a higher level by providing them platform to participate and learn through B-plan and various other activities. They strive to create a pool of next generation entrepreneurs who, through their dreams and action, would contribute to the economic and social development. With E-cell, the focus is to push students to “Explore Something Interesting” and “build a business”.

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9. Deen Dyal Updadhya College

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College is a student-run organization, set up by the students of The Department of Business Studies in the year 2012. EDC, DDUC intends to develop an entrepreneurial attitude amongst the students, thus providing a framework/foundation to their entrepreneurial journey ahead. The Cell conducts various programmes for students at Inter and Intra College levels, for the same.

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10. Dyal singh College

Vision of this E-cell is to establish ourselves as a complete Incubation Centre providing support across all facets of entrepreneurship and throughout all stages of entrepreneurial ventures. They want to bring the brightest ideas from around the world to the forefront by organizing timely Entrepreneurship Challenges assuring exposure to budding entrepreneurs.

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