Marketing is the broad spectrum of actions related to promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.


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– ULIP CPL – India ( Signup )

Details : Compare and Buy Plans Online ULIP
Converts on: Pin Verification.

Conversion Flow:
1. User fills 4 fields on first page.
2. User confirms PIN received by SMS.
3. Lead is counted & credited.

Payout : 45 INR

– Quack quack Females – India (App Download + Signup)

Details : Install Quack Quack Android App from Google Play Store.
Converts on: Install & Register.

Conversion Flow:
1. User clicks on Install button in Google Play Store.
2. User signup via Facebook.
3. User select some personal information 1st page and 2nd page of the application.
4. Registration is counted and credited.

Payout : 0.24 USD