dyal singh


The news is all over about the action taken by the governing body of Delhi University’s over Dyal Singh College on Friday. They office of the morning shift principal IS Bakshi got sealed.

Earlier the action taken a month ago was ‘long leave’ alleging ’financial and administrative irregularities’ against the principal by the government body. He was also confined to enter the college premises. It was due to alleged corruption charges the principal was sent on a ‘long leave’ on 25 September 2018.

The governing body chairperson Amitabh Sinha said ”IS Bakshi, principal (on leave), Dyal Singh College, has been restricted with immediate effect from entering into the college premises till further orders.” He also added “He has been coming to college despite a pending inquiry against him. We sent him on leave to conduct a fair and transparent probe. Sending someone on leave is not a punishment.”

Whereas bakshi claimed he has been ‘targeted’ for dissenting many decisions taken by the governing body chairperson. He said on this account that “The governing body has been interfering in many academic activities ever since this chairperson has taken the charge. He has been taking many bizarre decisions such as changing the name of Dyal Singh evening college as ‘‘Vande Mataram.”

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