Commemorating India’s 69th Republic Day, Indians across the world have come together again to celebrate a day of great national importance. One of the most significant days in India’s journey from independence to becoming a democratic republic with a written Constitution of its own, Republic Day is nothing less than a tribute to the colourful diversity unified by the progress and development the country is making as one unit. Meanwhile, true to the very nature of the Internet, especially Twitter, many people do not let go of the opportunity to crack jokes on Republic Day either. More often than not in good humour, with the hashtags #RepublicDay and #HappyRepublicDay trending, Twitter users seem to be having their share of fun too on this day of national significance.

From wondering if all of our military strength put together could be a decent match for Donald Trump’s rather big nuclear button to unanimously declaring the army personnel on bikes performing bone-chilling stunts at the Rajpath celebrations in New Delhi as the ‘real roadies’, here is how Twitterati are celebrating the day.

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