We at BML Munjal University, a HERO Group initiative, are proud to announce the fifth edition of our Hackathon, HackBMU.

HackBMU is a hackathon focused on promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and networking among all future hackers. We will host upcoming engineers and developers from all over India to create mobile, web, and hardware hacks for an intense 48-hour session. HackBMU seeks to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all to develop their skills.
Last year, HackBMU 4.0 garnered huge attention with 800+ participants from around the 13+ countries competing for prizes worth over $30,000. Also, we aimed to close the gender gap in hackathon participation and encouraged female participants to join up by offering special prizes, swags and also reserving seats
. The response was overwhelming, and nearly 30% of our participants were women.
The driving force behind HackBMU is to support the culture of open source development, individual growth, and diversity. During the time that the participants will be attending HackBMU, they will be venting all of their knowledge into making a creative working prototype. Now, for the fifth consecutive year, we are aiming for new and greater heights and to interact with more people and making it a memorable and enjoyable event.
The event will be hosted from February 17th to 19th 2022 in hybrid mode.
More updated would be shared shortly….
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