​poor Marking in CBSE Class 12 English Board Exam, Protest rises in Chandigarh

poor Marking in CBSE Class 12 English Board Exam, Protest rises in Chandigarh
On 28 May, 2018 in Chandigarh students and parents protested over the marking of the CBSE English exam, demanding a revaluation.
A parent told the media, “The CBSE has stopped the revaluation of papers. In English students are scoring in 50s or 70s, but have scored more than 90 in the other subjects. It is beyond our comprehension.”
Another parent remarked that, “The marks in English have spoilt the overall percentage. It will be difficult for children to get admissions in Delhi University (DU).”
Not only students and parents, but schools are also participating in the protest.
Bhavan Vidyalaya School has also written to the CBSE Panchkula regional office over poor marking in English and has demanded revaluation.

“ We half written to the CBSE office and are expecting a reply”, said the Vice Principal.
It is not only a problem of one particular School. All over Chandigarh, students are reporting of the poor marking in English exam.
“ Most of the students scoring more than 90 in other subjects are scoring 60s or 70s in English”, English in-charge of St. Johns High School remarked.
After the protest, they all went to submit a memorandum at the Panchkula CBSE office. Though regional officer refused to meet them.
Even a half percent makes a lot of difference during admissions. Hopefully, CBSE agrees to the revaluation.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Written by Somya

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