​Did You Know Facts About Delhi University

History never really says goodbye. History says ,  ‘see you later’.   said by  Eduardo Galeano which is solely true which is also applied to Delhi University and its Colleges.

  There are many unreavling and some forgettable facts about Delhi University which are interesting to know .

Some of them are listed below:
1) The grandeur of the Ridge 

North Campus not only have the DU colleges but also have the famous lover point. But it may be hard to imagine that lover’s point is once know to be “The Flagstaff Tower in the Northern Ridge” which is one of the buildings at the time of  1857 revolt.

The Ridge have a  Pillar known as Ashokan Pillar  which was moved from Meerut to Delhi by Firoz Shah Tughlaq and most prominent  Khooni Jheel was named so because the lake’s water had remained blood red for  days due to the bloodshed during the 1857 revolt.

2) IP College 
IP College which is situated in North Campus known as for it beyond heritage and beautiful campus but IP college is also important as the part of the history. It is the oldest girl’s college in Delhi during partition helped people take refuge , eat, drink and pass the area safely during tumultuous time.

3) Vice-Regal Lodge – In times of Love and War 

Vice -Regal Lodge have experience a rich past , both hatred and love experiencing events .Lord Mountbatten proposed his wife Edwina for marriage at the Vice-Regal Lodge not only that Bhagat singh is also captivated at Vice – Regal Lodge .

4)Re-innovating education with Cluster innovation centre 

Cluster Innovation Centre is one of those kind of attempts by DU to increase the productivity of  educational norms. In this criteria students can be a part of more than one colleges in each semester which has also become the boon for DU students.

5) Coffee house behind VC’s House 
The coffee house behind the VC’s office was known as a lone round trip for  North Campus students. Not only this it play an role of  active hub for politicians back then, it is said that students and teachers would gather around here and organize tutorial classes which is quite good example of students and teacher relation in past.

6) Once a haunted place 
It is surprising to note that once DU which is popular and lively is a infamous place in Delhi. The area was built near a cemetery . It is said that people would not dare to go there late in the evening. 

The above historical facts are quite shocking and interesting to note but that is not the end of the journey there are more and interesting facts which is not even revealed yet.

by Radhika Jindal

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