​A Foodie’s Ultimate guide to DU North campus food scene

If you are a foodie and have gotten admission to DU North campus, then you my friend have landed into the penultimate food heaven. To guide you just a little, here we present a list of tried and tested best food joints for you to explore and enjoy.

LITTLE HUT: This petite food joint at Patel Chest is your best bet for scrumptious shakes and lip smacking drinks. They also offer their assorted range of pastas and good old Maggi.

If you ever get tired off the endless lectures, as you head back home, do give this place a try, especially their Chocolate Love Shake is an absolute must.

VISHWAVIDYALAYA MOMO STALLS: These three identical stalls lined up in a row as you get down at Vishwavidyalaya metro station will be the best bet to your hungry tummies after a super long day at college.

The heartwarming plate of hot momos and extra hot sauce that they serve is sure to melt your heart away.

HUDSON CAFE: Right in the middle of Hudson Lane, on the second floor of a dainty looking building is set up a food heaven that is sure to swoon you off your feet.

Hudson Cafe is surely a gem amongst the cafes located at Hudson Lane. Be sure to try their amazing nachos when you give them a visit.

History is witness to the fame of this humble joint at Kamla Nagar which serves one of the most delicious plates of Chole Bhature in the city. Their potato stuffed bhaturas is a novelty. Be sure to visit this food heaven once.

If you ever get super tired after shopping at Kamla Nagar or just casually stroll at the various food joints there with your buddies, definitely visit this pretty little place. Anything you try out from this place especially their garlic bread is worth every penny.

Just as you get down at Vishwavidyalaya metro station and head towards your college via Chatra Marg, right at the first  corner you will find this great place selling some of the best Chinese food. Hot and Fresh is the name of the place. There you will get to enjoy the most amazing chicken momos, be sure to give them a try.

LAW FACULTY CANTEEN: Right besides the new building of the Law Faculty you’ll find their canteen  which serves wholesome food at the cheapest rates. So if you ever miss your lunch and wish to have a good plate of tummy filling food, Law Faculty canteen is your ideal place.
So there you have it, a bunch of amazing places for you to visit and relish each bite in your food journey during college days.

By sharlin sara thomas

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